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Virtual Class Behavioral Expectations


Virtual class is any meeting of students and faculty in an online real-time face-to-face environment.  Examples of virtual class includes, but is not limited to, platforms such as Zoom and Skype.   

Before the virtual class meeting:

  1. Find a quiet location, shut the door, and enter the class on mute. 
  2. Plan to log in a few minutes early.
    1. Test your speaker and microphone if needed.
      1. Make sure you are using your computer’s AUDIO and VIDEO. 
    2. If the class has a waiting room, wait until admitted by faculty. 

During the virtual class meeting:

  1. VIDEO must remain on throughout the virtual class meeting.
  2. Professional behavior during the virtual class meeting:
    1. Sitting upright in a chair.
      1. Lying down is not considered professional behavior during the virtual class meeting. 
    2. Driving while in a virtual meeting is unsafe.  
    3. Refraining from eating during the virtual class meeting. 
    4. Making sure your upper body is dressed.  Visible clothing must be non-offensive and meet the behavioral requirements set forth in Minneapolis College Policy 4.04.01, Student Code of Conduct Procedures.
  3. Professional background during the virtual meeting:
    1. Be aware of your physical background.  
    2. If you use a virtual background it must be non-offensive.
  4. Asking questions and commenting should be done using the virtual meeting tools.
    1. Chat tool:
      1. In Zoom, questions or comments should be entered into the Zoom chat.
        1. Private/side conversations in the chat box are discouraged. 
    2. Raise hand tool:
      1. In Zoom, you should click on “Participants” in the tool bar at the bottom of the page and use the “Raise Hand” tool to indicate you wish to verbally ask a question.  
      2. You may also ask a question by physically raising your hand.
        1. Once called on by faculty, you may ask the question. 
        2. Start your comment or question by stating your name.
        3. Speak clearly and in a normal voice. There is no need to shout. 
        4. When not speaking, make sure your audio is muted. 

Disruptive and/or unprofessional behavior:

  1. The teacher reserves the right to remove any student from the virtual class for violation of any of the Zoom behavioral expectations.
  2. If removal from virtual class is needed, the student will be required to meet with the teacher prior to being allowed to participate in any future virtual class meetings.
  3. Failure to participate in virtual class will follow the absence guidelines set forth in the attendance police